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Your website is the only thing working for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never needs rest or takes a break. It’s the most valuable salesperson you’ll ever invest in. Effective web design is critical to gaining more business from the Internet. A compelling website design and content strategy will bring you more customers or clients. Not only will it allow a visitor to navigate your site intuitively and quickly, it will convert visitors into valuable leads.

Web design for a return on your investmentYour website is a key component of your marketing efforts and should be an asset to your company that brings you a return on your investment. We will not build a website if we don’t think it will bring a positive return on investment. We work with a wide variety of industries, all with unique objectives but one thing remains constant, a need for positive return on investment. We partner with clients in Fernandina Beach and all over the world, helping them build websites that accurately reflect their brand as well as get them found, leading to MORE BUSINESS. After all, a beautiful and compelling website that doesn’t get found is effectively worthless.


A web designer that understands Google

The owner of Amelia Web Works has 2 decades of experience dealing with search engines. A lot has changed over the years but a lot remains the same. Our design, copywriting and development is executed with the latest SEO practices and tactics in mind so your ideal customers are finding YOU. We will help identify geographic and industry-specific keyword phrases that will provide the highest return on your investment. For instance, if you are an Amelia Island accounting firm targeting local legal firms, we can implement a web design that is capable of ranking for those specifics that will be most valuable to you. The majority of web traffic comes via search engines – people typing words into a little box on the screen. WORDS are your gateway to new customers! Any search engine efforts must be built upon good keyword strategy in order to be effective. We can help you identify your most valuable keywords and dominate them. All of your web development efforts should be structured around your target keywords.


Websites people want to browse

Our design team focuses on building websites that are easy to navigate and use. People go on the Internet for two general purposes – entertainment or information. Many web designers tend to design to their own egos. In reality, the most effective websites aren’t the most flashy, quite the opposite! We make websites that are focused on user experience design and easy for people to find the information that they are looking for. With small business web design, usability is key and simplicity is golden.


Websites that get leads

An effective website design communicates your unique message and encourages your visitors to complete a desired action (call, email etc.). There needs to be no mystery of why a prospective client or customer should deal with you over your competition. Your website is your salesperson that is selling for you 24/7.


Websites that grow with you

Our web design team ensures your website is easily expandable so that you can integrate more functionality and content down the road with no issues. Want to sell products online with e-commerce? Maybe sell e-books later? Or sell tickets to events? How about offering online courses? Online reservations, appointments or bookings? To-go orders for your restaurant? …the world wide web is your oyster and we’ve got you covered!


Amelia Island responsive web design

Websites that cater to all devices – responsive web design

In recent years, we’ve seen a major shift toward more people surfing the Internet on mobile devices. “Responsive web design” means that a website responds to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones fluidly. This is different from having a mobile version of your desktop site. It elevates your brand and perceived value, as well as weighs favorably for search engine visibility.


We are Fernandina’s leader in responsive web design

Website design and development services we offer:

  • Web Development of All Kinds
  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • E-commerce Development & Management
  • Web Affiliate Programs
  • Landing Page Construction
  • Conversion Optimization

We use open source software and believe in the benefits of “open source” philosophy to humanity. Open source means that YOU own your website. You can host your site with anybody you choose, it’s yours! We do offer hassle-free eco-friendly hosting with unlimited storage and email accounts for only $10 a month. We offer free migration services for your existing website too!


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